100 small battles
multidimensional event
Battle of Austerlitz

Material: battle-wallpaper endless, table with red cloth, black chair, glass of water, little portrait of Napoleon, lipstick, mirror, headache pill

The historical freehand sketch made by Napoleon cocerning the Battle of Austerlitz is strung together endlessly forming a wallpaper pattern. By completely wallpapering a living room or any given room the great battle is placed in relationship to the everyday private life of each individual.

In my work "100 small battles" a great historic battle is transformed into many small private ones. As a result of this transformation a picture is created for solving everyday problems and for the constant need to stand one`s ground also in the private sphere.Alltogether the installation communicates a certain cheerfulness in the struggle for survival and encourages the overcoming of one’s fears and adversities in an often narrow-minded and hostile environment.