Wümmekalender 2021:
many-coloured mixtures

Wümmekalender 2020:
(spray on paper )

Wümmekalender 2019:
(lacker spray und drawing)

Wuemmecalendar 2018:
Industry in the Wuemme Region
(spray and drawing)

Wuemmecalendar 2017:
Sea of Flowers
(spray and drawing)

Wuemmecalendar 2016:
(spray and drawing)

Wuemmecalendar 2015:
Game of Clouds
(laquer spray, pastell, collage)

Wuemmecalendar 2014:
Many Greetings from the Province
(spray and drawing)

Wuemmecalendar 2013:
From Wuemme to River Huangpu
(spray and drawing)

Wuemmecalendar 2012:
Above the clouds
(spray and drawing)

Wuemmecalendar 2011:
(laquer spray)

Wuemmecalendar 2010:
Trees speak for themselves
(laquer spray)

Edition: 600
Size: 46 x 33 cm
Offset print, folded, notched, sized
Prize: 15 Euro

Order from Firma Froben, Ottersberg or from
home-made pralines

Wümmekalender 2021: many-coloured mixtures

In 2020 the Corona pandemic led to a new view on our surroundings. Little things became more important following the restrictions. We noticed and esteemed everything that we had taken for granted before.

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