The Showcase

A current series of pictures from Frauke Beeck adresses the phenomenon of window dressing. This subject has already a certain tradition in art history. You might think of the career of Andy Warhol or the destruction of a showcase in New York by Dali, who was extremely angry about the modification of a showcase in a fashion shop he had decorated before. The showcase as a space of presentation has been taken up again by contemporary art , recently in the fashion shop colette in Paris you could have a look at an installation of the artist Josephine Meckseper.

The artistic concern of Frauke Beeck is not only the pleasure to decorate, but to a greater degree the phenomenon of the showcase with the implied pleasure of peering and desiring, the commercial aspect and also simply the showcase as space for representation as well as a space for historical narrative. With the aid of her special technique she spray-paints pictures on aluminium plates of 1,2m x 1,7m and larger, with reference to the size of showcases.

In broadening the showcase-topic Frauke Beeck has also developed a smaller series of showcase pictures spray-painted with neon colours on paper.