Frauke Beeck’s pictures have a unique charisma. On the one hand this is due to her technique. As a rule she sprays similar to the art of `verre eglomise`but uses acryl glass instead, sometimes aluminium, foil or paper. On the other hand it’s the special topic she’s interested in and the way she creates her pictures so that they radiate an often strange atmosphere.

As artwork Frauke Beeck frequently uses photographs she has taken over the years.The themes are not transferred one-to-one, she more or less likes to vary and alienate them. Even though they sometimes appear familiar they cannot be identified in detail.

Her pictures often show a special kind of colourfulness that leaves the impression that they are based on an original black and white model coloured by the imagination. The slightly angular contoured forms combined with soft colours and gentle tones as well as a special technique that bring about these results are characteristic.

In relation to her choice of motives and to her expression of forms Frauke Beeck’s pictures of recent years are based on the tradition of classic pop art. Clear, strong, flamboyant colours, rich in contrast, and motives from everyday life are characteristic. Above all she goes beyond this in her work.She integrates texts that are not only graphic signs or moving, flashing logos in the cityscape but have a quality of their own changing the concept of the picture and leading to a certain direction. They are texts of her own in a formal language but of a typically cheerful poetic diction, verses that are reminiscent of ancient songs or logos in commercial disguise that present critical comments. They undermine the often innocent looking motive by unexpected annotations and alienated references and thus provide a surreal character.

Humour and ease characterise the work of Frauke Beeck and often the subtleness and criticism appears only after the second glance. Her approach is peculiar. Frauke Beeck uses a technique of spraying that has been known since the sixties when wall painting and graffiti art appeared and developed it to perfection. She predominantly works with acryl glass and sprays on both sides of the transparent material. That creates special space and depth which gives the picture a singular vibrancy. Working with templates emphasizes that concept as it means stringency, a feature of forms which give the picture something striking, artificial, despite subtle shades.

Frauke Beeck’s pictures are based on impressions from everyday life. At this exhibition you can see several showcase pictures, 9 small-sized and some large-sized works she has created over the years from photographs of showcases she has taken in Bremen. Neon colours underline the curious bohemian impression.

Dr. Katerina Vatsella